Many fresh graduates are facing a serious dilemma in getting themselves employed. Many find it hard to gain secure full time job after graduation despite spending so much time and money in getting the necessary qualifications. This lack of income is causing them to struggle both financially and emotionally. The struggles of these university graduates are apparent, but what are the causes to this graduate unemployment?

1) Lack of experience
Employers often seek to hire those with working experiences, be it in the same of field or different. This is as it provides a good gauge to the individual’s ability and skill sets as well as the competency in handling tasks. Most fresh graduates lack this working experience despite having a resume that is outstanding in both academic and co-curriculum aspects. More often than not, their only working experience comes from their compulsory short periods of internship they undergone during their studies. The responsibility of a full-fledged staff is vastly different from an intern however, which could be a deal-breaker.

2) High salary expectations
Fresh graduates nowadays have an unrealistic high salary demand which often serves as the deciding factor in their employability. These graduates have spent ridiculous amounts of money and time to receive the necessary qualifications to secure a well-paying job, hence they think that a high salary is to be expected. Employers however, are unwilling to pay such a high amount for an employee that lacks the experience and skillsets in doing the job. The salary given is a reflection of what one has to offer to the company, and with limited skillsets and experiences, there is not much a fresh graduate has to offer. For someone who is still learning how to do their job, a realistic salary demand would certainly help the unemployment rate.

3) Picky towards jobs
After graduating, there are plenty that these fresh graduates look for on their job hunt, salary, job title, job description, company, personal interest and many more. All these factors come into play for them before they finally decide to commit to a job. This is as these fresh graduates often do not have the correct mindset heading into the job market and thus lack understanding of it. Most unemployed fresh graduates retain a student’s mindset when looking for a job which is naive and unprofessional. They need to be mature and make proper surveys of the job market to find one that is acceptable, and slowly build necessary experience. Nobody works their dream job from the get go, there is no harm in trying some jobs before deciding it is unsuitable.

4) Crowded market
In this modern era, a diploma or degree holder are in abundance. It is not considered an advantage anymore in the current competitive market to be a university graduate, instead it is a minimum requirement. This situation places the graduates in a disadvantageous position as others vying for the same position has similar if not better qualifications. Those that they consider friends and mates in university are now direct competition for employment with the same qualifications. This leaves the employers spoiled for choice to select the best candidate among the applicants as the graduates struggle to leave the best impression to secure employment in the crowded market.

5) Poor performance in interviews
Recent graduates who lack exposure often choke when placed in a formal and corporate interview as the nerves take over. Stuttering when speaking is a common mistake they make in addition to answering questions wrongly, straying off topic and even blanking out in the interview. These mistakes caused by a lack of composure and confidence could leave an undesirable impression with the panel and ruin their chances of getting employed. An outstanding CV would be wasted due to the performance, as an interview is an opportunity to impress and convince the panel. It is important to stay calm and perform at the level that they know they are capable of.

These are the 5 possible reasons why fresh graduates’ unemployment is such an issue. Often people say that the millennial are privileged, but this generation cannot be blamed for the deteriorating economy that has caused a more competitive and unforgiving job market with limited career opportunities. Don’t lose hope unemployed graduates! The chances will come and it is important that you are ready to seize it! Seeking to equip yourself with additional skillsets to secure employment? Recent WashingtonPost article describes this dilemma pretty well.

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