A few years back, we were plague with questions on whether a company, organization or brick & mortar should be investing in social media. Answer is obvious  now, no? The same scenario is taking place in the L&D industry. It’s a wasted space and time to be dwelling in it because the answer is almost certainly be a resounding yes.

Instead, what we should be focusing on is to determine the most effective way to get your minions to be running out and about with knowledge sufficient for the given task or job scope. Learning is NEVER a luxury – it is a necessity. It does not matter what industry you came from, but the digital age is challenging the whole traditional process of your business and that calls for you guessed it, LEARNING.

Pull me closer instead of pushing me

Everything is changing. Fast. We used to be bombarded with advertisements on your massive colorful LED billboards, hoards of spam-like adverts on newspapers, annoying commercials on TV  begging us to get that detergent or drink that new 3-in-1 coffee – How is that holding up now?

Companies are forced to reinvent their advertising strategy to incorporate the pull technique where engaging and high quality content are created to engage with customers before they are finally convinced to take the leap of faith.

L&D industry seeks the same concept as technology has taken over how we perceive traditional learning should be. Do we start from top-down management learning with bosses always on your tail pushing you to learn something you don’t want to learn ( Does that ring a bell on conventional advertising? ) or would you rather pick a course that you know would addressed your problem and save your precious time tremendously?

User-Generated Review – L&D thrives on this

Have you encounter of a scenario where your friend swears by this slimming product that sheds 10 pound off her in 2 weeks and suddenly you’re so convinced you’ll be able to shed 20 pound that you made a point to get the product first thing off work today?

The power of word-of-mouth or user review in digital perspective is undoubtedly the measure of success in marketing – well in this case L&D.

Employees who are willing to share the experience and positive impact of a training would reflect back on the lessons learnt and the enthusiasm they posses to implement what they’ve learnt. Social media, sharing it with their team or friends and family marks a seal of approval and this can then be used to instantly measure the success and give a good idea on how these resources provided to the managers and executive could benefit them in their work.

I’d rather have a deck of cards than decks of Powerpoints

It’s true. Ask any sales or customer service rep – Do they truly have the time or capacity to go through every single boring decks and learn something truly insightful on the products they’re selling?

Instead, if they are being engaged by the product itself through genuine experiences and real-life situations, they are able to sell the product more effectively using scenarios that are relatable to customers.

Every sales or customer rep training would need more hands-on experience and interaction with the trainer and the reps in order to mimic what situation they would’ve encounter.

Would you sell with information given by Marketing promising the moon and starts or would you sell something that you can relate it to the customer emotionally?


Ultimately, employees are the backbone of the company and the reason why they would stick around is if they could improve themselves and rise through the ranks with the equipped knowledge. What it means for the company is that you’ll always have a knowledgeable employee who’s always up to the task of innovating and adapting to the ever changing landscape.


Hence, focusing on L&D would be the best choice to make for 2017 or you’ll be left to catch up in 2018. Keep your employees happy and thrive in whatever you’re doing.


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