Many people today are attracted to business in the network or business on the Internet. It is with good reason since the opportunities offered by the web are practically limitless and have allowed the creation of huge corporations in the last 20 years like never before.

It is a fact that the new ideas on the net are very well paid and if you stick with a good marketing strategy then you could be the next millionaire to enjoy the magic of Internet business  and have a different style .
Today I will share at least 8 business ideas that you can develop on the Internet that I am certain could be your main source of income (as has been my case):

1. Web design

Everyone today: employers, state institutions and organizations in general want to have a presence on the Internet.
Even on a personal level, professionals also need their website. So a good option is to dedicate to the assembly of websites and their maintenance, which can represent an important income if you do it professionally.
There are a variety of low-cost tools to get you started in this business that can represent a constant long-term income. In addition, if graphic design is your passion, you can exploit it perfectly from this business concept.

2. Buying and reselling domains

Domains are the names of Internet sites that you can buy for a few dollars, US $ 20 on average with a provider of the hundreds that exist. The business is buying interesting, creative and innovative domains that someone else on the web may want and who would be willing to buy for a higher value, say about $ 100, $ 500 or maybe up to $ 2000 dollars.
There are indeed entrepreneurs who have made a great fortune with this concept. Did you know that domains have been sold for exorbitant amounts? For example domains like or have sold for millions of dollars.
Well, you can document about it and begin to consider this as your next Internet business.

3. Create a blog and make it money

Blogs are one of the most important media today whose impact is growing more and more. If you like to write and have an Internet connection, then you could consider creating a blog that once positioned you can monetize it by selling Adsense type advertising spaces or own spaces.
Blogs can be profitable in many ways and I can tell you with such certainty that right now you are reading my blog that is my main source of income for 5 years. So no one better than me can tell you how great it is to build a business based on a blog.

4. Selling Articles on Ebay or Mercado

There are thousands of people who have built lucrative businesses around these web auction companies.

The basic idea can be exploited from two sides. Either get items at a good price that you can market in Ebay online auctions and earn a good $$ or buy auctions at auction items and market them in your neighborhood thus obtaining a good utility. (This last option would be the most recommended).

5. Advisor of web positioning and SEO

An interesting business idea although it requires a higher level of technical knowledge is the advice for companies and organizations that wish to position their sites more effectively. This series of techniques is called SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and works as a consultancy in which you analyze a website and offer the contractor a proposal of actions to optimize it and improve its position in search engines like Google, thus obtaining huge advantages in As for their traffic of daily visits.

There are even those who dedicate themselves exclusively to this from their own websites (completely online).

6. Set up an online store Online

Stores are becoming more common and when accompanied by a good promotion and marketing strategy can represent excellent income. The first step is to determine a line of products to market to build your store and offer them completely online.

Another variant of this business is to make a web of intermediaries where people buy and sell on your website and in return you charge a commission. Of course the logistics of these businesses must be carefully planned to ensure an excellent experience for buyers and sellers.

7. Online sales of courses and ebooks

I know it is not the most original business model but if you have to be governed by its profitability. This type of sale is highly replicable, once the product can be used by thousands of customers and even enter affiliate circuits.

8. The Affiliate Industry

We can already call it industry because the growth it will experience in the next few years will be important (the same as in the US and UK markets). This business is based on something as simple as the generation of registrations and sales of products and services by other portals. The main characteristic is that this activity is remunerated to objectives (CPA: cost per acquisition) . The main players in this business are advertisers or companies that intend to sell, affiliates (websites that offer these products) and affiliate networks (agencies that group a whole series of affiliates to relieve the work of advertisers).

Best of all, today there are many resources at your fingertips for who wants to be self-taught. So I encourage you to take the first step and start looking for the internet business idea in which you would like to venture.

9. Advertising business

This is a very broad category, as well as any online activity that produces many visits to a website or downloads as to allow the insertion of advertising . I give some examples:

· Any blog that has success has the option to monetize by introducing advertising

· Game or mobile application with many downloads offered for free. Free model + advertising

· Web that publishes job offers free of charge. You will have many visits for sure …

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