Working together often produce better results. That’s the power of team building. Many corporations in Malaysia leverage on the effectiveness of team building to get more work done. In fact, some large corporations in Malaysia are taking advantage of its many natural beauty environments to create team building activities that are motivating. Of course, the best team building activities will not only serve to increase communication amongst your team members, but will also leave you some memorable experiences.

Thus, we recommend that you include some sustainable activities in your corporate programme to bring groups together in order to increase team spirit. Increased team spirit will in turn lead to increased productivity. In this article, we have provided some result oriented team building activities that can be adopted by any results craving group. So, if you are looking for unique activities to help boost team building culture among your staff members, we advise you to read on.

Top 6 Team Building Activities

Team Building is important in corporate environment

There are a number of innovative team building activities that organizations can embark upon. Some of these activities could take a few minutes while others could stretch from months to years. The goal is to activate the spirit of togetherness. While striving to achieve set objectives, individual team member will soon realize they will not achieve the stated goal unless they work together. The bottom line is that team building promotes the sharing of best practices, expertise and resources toward achieving common goals. Here are our top picks:

  1. Tree Planting

Tree planting is one of the long term activities that can be used to bring team together. Including sustainable activities in your programme can help bring group members together to ensure a positive and lasting legacy. Your team can tap into the Malaysian Business Green Tourism Programme initiative to build a socially responsible team. Site preparation and tree planting can provide long-term solutions for teams looking for more than just bonding, but ways of contributing to the society. They thereby create activities that have the beneficial effects that can be sustained overtime. Tree planting requires an on going programme and real commitment from members, making team building and collaborations a natural necessity.

  1. Human Knot

This is a brain teaser game that will take about 15 to 30 minutes to accomplish. Human Knot game works as problem solving technique as well as team building strategy. The game relied heavily on teamwork and communication to accomplish set objectives. To play this game, you need about 8-20 team members, who will stand shoulder-to-shoulder to form a circle. Everyone in the circle will raise their right hand and grab the hand of someone standing across the circle from them. Then, they do the same with their left hand and grab the hand of a different person. So, no one is holding the same individual they held with their right hand. The peak of the game is to untangle everyone while they still held hands together. However, the participants will have to start the process again if the chain is broken.

  1. Competition to Collaboration

At first, a group is divided into two sub teams with the intent to compete with each other. The competition exhibits the positive impacts of organizational synergy, both in sharing best practices and celebrating colleagues’ successes. While the competition is on going, a new twist is then introduced to the game which requires that the opposing team to collaborate to accomplish a new objective.

  1. Igniting Team Performance

This is a multi-stage game that gets tougher as the game proceeds. Team performance gets measured after each session. The moderator looks for team work proficiency, identify areas that need improvement and deliver activities custom-tailored to those needs. The increasingly difficult challenges and continuous training support ignite the desire for improved team performance. The game is fun, educative, and promotes team bonding.

  1. Treasure Hunt

You can divide your group into sub-teams for an exciting treasure hunt exercise. The moderator can create multiple codes for the teams to decode as they navigate a custom built route by following a general instruction. Along the way they will collaborate and communicate extensively as they hunt for clues and puzzles to solve in an effort to get the hint leading to the location of the treasure.

  1. Water Cruising

Team building activities can also be done outdoor while cruising on the water under a blazing sun. Boat racing competition, fishing competition, and under water swimming are all fun filled activities that can be explored to enhance team building. A group can be divided into two teams to compete on any of the aforementioned water based activities.



The basic idea behind team building activities is to improve team members’ trust for one another, promotes better relationships, and to help them communicate more effectively. If you are looking to build a formidable team, capable of delivering outstanding results with genuine motivation, we recommend that you adopt one or two of the team building activities listed above to help develop your staff members. We also recommend that you bookmark this page for future reference.


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