8th of March signifies an important date to commemorates the struggle on women’s rights. While the world are significantly progressing to recognize women as a powerhouse, the struggle is still far from over.

Here are the 3 examples on why it will still be a life long struggle :

  1. Delhi Rapist : “When being raped, she shouldn’t fight back. She should just be silent and allow the rape.”

    Those are the exact words spoken by one of the 2012 Delhi rape case suspect that highlights India’s perception on women’s role in their society. The horrifying details of the rape shook the world over and prompt the Indian government to revamp their law to include harsher and stiffer punishment.

    Despite that, one would wonder if such law will ever stop any perpetrator from committing such heinous crime if society themselves do not change their stance and perception.

    Case in point : The lawyer representing the Delhi rape suspect, ML Sharma said “You are talking about man and woman as friends. Sorry, that doesn’t have any place in our society. We have the best culture. In our culture, there is no place for a woman.”

    If someone who is supposed to uphold the sanity of the law themselves is a strong believer of injustice, a misogynist and a sexist, who will women turn to, to fight for their rights?

                                                        Picture courtesy of BBC – Mukesh Singh, one of the five convicted rapist

    In our culture, there is no place for a woman.

  2. “Instead of protecting us from abuse and violence, the only thing the police are doing is restricting our right to go topless,” she said.”

    Women in Argentina are facing crackdown from Police to demand the right to sunbathe topless. While law in Argentina is grey on the right to sunbathe topless, doing so is not against social norm and as such generate huge controversy.

    The biggest take away from the controversy is men who gathered to watch the protest – flirt, laugh and misbehaving – proving a point to the struggle Argentinian women face when demanding for their rights to do whatever the hell they please with their own lives and bodies.

    One woman, Karina Flores, 40, said that women are taking back control and that this protest serves as a reminder for the men to stop using women as a ‘scum’. She further adds that men are telling women that they want to lick their breast on the street. “It’s over, no more breast licking”, she said.

  3. Grab em’ by the pussy”
    Pretty sure by now you would be familiar with this quote. After all, it is said by the leader of the most powerful country in the world. That quote unfortunately is only the start of a bigger problem and it might represent the view of the majority of his voters and supporters view on women.

    You might disagree on that point and would argue that people who vote for him, overlooked the fact that he is a misogynist and only voted for him because of his capabilities. However, if you look at this from a bigger perspective and take into account the numerous incident where he rear his ugly truth – the way he talk about his daughter ( “”Yeah, she’s really something, and what a beauty, that one. If I weren’t happily married and, ya know, her father . . . ”) and many other incident, one would be mad to overlook the fact that he is capable of disrepecting women and yet at the same time being a world leader.

    If being a misogynist is not a trait that should be taken seriously, and worse, as a world leader, how can we entrust that he will uphold the rights of not only women, but ordinary people in general.

    Grab em’ by the pussy” 

     “I moved on her like a bitch. But I couldn’t get there. And she was married. Then all of a sudden I see her, she’s now got the big phony tits and everything. She’s totally changed her look.”

Of course there are more incidents on injustice of women in general from office setting to even broader, national scale discrimination – such as the position of women in Saudi’s society. With that being said, it is the small achievements and progress that women around you achieves that we should be commemorating about. No doubt, the struggle to gain equal footing is a real one and the journey is a long way ahead, but if we, not only as men, but as human being, stand behind women – your mother, sister, co-workers, friends, girlfriends or even wives – and support their rights and stand up for every injustice they face, we could one day dream of a world where women are competing healthy alongside men to make this world a better place – and yes that is not necessary a bad thing.

Should you fight back when he’s trying to rape you? Hell yeah, kick him in the nut!

Happy International Women’s Day from all of us at Quorse.

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