Nurturing a great relationship and getting along with your boss is an important part of succeeding at work or in the longer term, your career. At work your immediate boss or manager is likely to be the person that evaluates your annual performance and decides on your promotion. In short, the fate of your job could be in his or her hand. As such, it’s important to have a good rapport with your boss and to earn his or her trust and respect.

While some bosses are an open book, others could be more reticent and difficult to read. If you have a boss that is difficult to figure out, what would you do to better understand his or her professional aspirations?

Aint it frustrating if your boss is giving you a hard time?

It’s always a good idea to ask for honest feedback. Before you start asking for comments from your boss it pays to be aware of signs that your boss is generally in approval of you and your work:

1 . Challenges

Does your boss give you more than you feel like you can handle? Perhaps he or she wants to test you, or groom you, and to test your tenacity to handle pressure. This could be overwhelming at times, but it’s usually a very good sign that you are valued in your organisation.

2. Compliments

Bosses rarely shower their best employees with praise, preferring to use compliments as a tool for encouraging lesser performing staff. If you’re clear on what’s expected of you, and you’re keeping track of how well you’re stacking up in your unit, then it doesn’t matter that your boss isn’t constantly patting you on the back. When it comes to important things like your performance evaluation, is your work recognized by your Boss? That’s all that matters. Your boss doesn’t think you need to be reminded of your position every other day.

3. Example

Have you ever been singled out as an example of good work for the rest of your team to aspire to? That’s a great sign you’re in the inner circle in your boss’s eye. 

4. Feedback

If your boss gives you feedback, and some of it is negative, this is not necessarily a bad sign. On the contrary, it shows that he or she respects you enough to give guide you to improve, and is invested in your improvement. Also, it shows that your Boss is confident that you can handle the constructive criticism.

Happy? Heck yes if your boss is happy with you.

5. Input

Does your Boss always ask for your opinion? Are you often consulted in team meetings? If your boss is showing you this kind of trust, then you’re in very good shape.

6. Point Person

Are you the first person the Boss thinks of when something urgent or important needs to be done? If you’re the point-person on go-to executive, then you’re obviously quite high in your boss’s esteem.

7. Priorities

If you are tuned into what your Boss’s top priorities are, then not only can you work more effectively, but you’ll know whether you are working in the same direction. Keep this channel of communication open and be sure to volunteer for the projects that align with these priorities.

8. Respect

Does it matter of your Boss actually likes you? All that matters is respect. If your Boss respects, solicits, and listens to your ideas, especially on important matters and projects, that’s worth so much more than being his or her buddy.

9. Responsibilities

Is your boss constantly raising your responsibility level? He or she would not do this with employees who are not trusted or up for the task.

10. Trust

When a lot is at stake, are you the one who is called in to help out? When your Boss turns to you in times of crisis, it is a sign of trust.

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