“Don’t eat where you shit”, is what we say to warn our colleagues on the possible “ugliness” that may come when having a relationship in the office. Easier said than done, when the man or woman of your dreams is in the same building as you.

It’s actually quite common to fall in love at work. We spend a majority of our time there, which leads to building relationships with our colleagues. With that in mind, is it possible to have an office relationship without any repercussions?


  1. Be professional

Whatever plans you have in mind to woo your target, keep it on the low. Do it during non-working hours, maintain your working relationship with him or her professional. Even if you have reached couple status and your colleagues are supportive of your relationship, don’t ostracize yourself from them. Always maintain a good professional attitude towards everyone.


  1. Talk it out

Open communication is key to ensure a stronger relationship while having a professional image at work. Discuss with your partner the “do’s and don’t’s” at the office, set up personal boundaries and even plan out how you two will share the news with the rest of your colleagues. This will slow down any unnecessary gossip and gives you both the opportunity to show how you can handle a relationship professionally at work.

Talk with your partner
  1. Check the policy

Now that your relationship is official, sit down with your HR. Ask them about your company’s relationship policy and tell them you are in a workplace relationship. This will show your company that you are serious about your work and responsible in the actions you take. Same goes for your boss, you wouldn’t want him or her to find out from someone else.


  1. Get ready

Now that the news of your workplace relationship is confirmed, gossip will still take place. More so if you’re in a relationship with someone who is in a higher position, colleagues may get jealous and call out for “bias-ness”. Don’t fret, people just love to talk but if you continue being professional and keep all couple-like behaviors outside of the office, it won’t last long. Though if some rumors do go out of hand, be sure to clarify it at the source.


  1. No ever after

Sometimes things just don’t work out and the best way to handle it is to maintain that professionalism you had from the beginning. Don’t discriminate your former partner if you both still work together, don’t air your “dirty laundry” even if your partner does so. It won’t be easy, but soon enough people will see that you are truly a professional at work and in your personal life.


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Can you do office romance professionally?


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